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A Biblical Guide to Jesus' Gift of the Prophet for Today's Church. The Sigh of Jonah Part 3

Forward: Are prophets a thing for today? Does the concept sound old testament? Maybe it’s hard to visualize how this leadership position fits into modern day life - inside or outside of the church? Greg systematically details the relevancy and the how-to of the prophetic office for today’s church. This is great teaching on a century old dilemma in a well-organized, lively, and interesting read. It is full of examples, stories, and teachings all backed by the scriptures and printed right there for easy verification.I have known Greg for more than two decades now. His passion for the prophetic ministry is consistent and incessant. Recently, I asked Greg to come with me and teach at our Bible school for Amazon leaders from the jungle communities in Ecuador. The teaching part was easy for this veteran professor, but what really intrigued me was his consistent application of the prophetic revelations for the material and for the students present. These students are in the “simple fishermen” category, and God’s Word was being revealed to their understanding with power and signs to confirm it. This same passion is throughout Greg’s text and will encourage you to act in this calling if you know it’s for you. The scriptural teachings will remove barriers to your faith that have impeded your ability to walk in the fruit, gifts, and movement of the Holy Spirit. So jump in, get ready for an engaging read and be open to the power and movement of the Holy Spirit. As you get absorbed in the teaching and commit to making changes in your walk with God, you will learn to receive empowerment from the Holy Spirit Jesus gave the Church to fulfill the Great Commission. Don Wolfram, Missionary to Ecuador & Colombia with covering by

The Modern Day Christian Prophet

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